Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday Ride

Yesterday I got out for a nice long ride, just base miles, for the power geeks it was about 350 avg watts.  I was joined by coach, Pierre, and Steven and Bradley Kendall.  We left from my house at 10 and headed out to Sugarloaf.  The loop we did, my two favorite roads are Moore Rd. and Big Woods Rd., they're pretty cool and had leaves all over them which was cool.  Probably the only two roads I like more in the area are Montevideo road and Peters road. 

(Big Woods Rd.)
 Peters Road is the bomb it is gravel and has these two steep power climbs that are like redic, they're out of tour of flanders or something, i think im gonna ride over there next weekend and take a cell phone pic for my blog.
I'm feeling pretty good riding lately, I dont know if I mentioned it or not but at the end of august i hurt my hip flexor and it was bothering me for a long time, but it feels basically completely better so I'm going back to the full training load. 

There were so many people out riding yesterday, we saw so many people out around Sugarloaf, and there were a bunch of cars up there too.  WE got cauhgt behind a car on the descent and were going like 1mph.  

The only other thing worth sharing is that I was really annoyed that both places we stopped didnt have any blue gatorade.  WE stopped at the minimart at Seneca and 28 and I had to get Tiger Cool Fusion gatorade, and at the gas station in poolesville there was no blue either I had to get orange and weak. 

We did a sprint for the DC town line coming back in where I of course dusted everyone...actually Steven and Bradley beat me, but I think they cheated.


booradley said...

Actually i was the real at least 20 seconds, you and steven were so far behind it was silly.

Nate Wilson said...

but didn't you hear...i think you cheated

booradley said...

and stefan schumacher also beat fabian cancellara....his win still counts