Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Alright...I was kidding

Soooooooo...on my last post when I said my training schedule and asked for advice, I made that up.  I tried to make it as crazy as possible while still being believable.  I was dissappointed I only got two people to take the bait, but Chip and Kyle's responses were entertaining to me.  Sorry fellas to trick you!

In other news I did some real training buddy zack is back from college at CSU and we rode out to Great Falls and rocked some hill repeats, or more truthfully I rocked some hill repeats while he sat on my wheel and cried. While out there we saw the venerable Nick Bax, presumably home on his christmas break from college.  He was towing some guys around that seemed to b riding on his wheel in a similar manner Zack was on mine...ahh tis the life of crushing people!  But no really I cried every time up great falls, it was worth it though, because maybe I'll be stronger now.

Whenever I'm coming back home from that direction I usually go over chain bridge up to Arlington, the main road after chain bridge has a lot of traffic on it so I go up this little side road that is like mad steep so today I took a picture of it, dissappointingly the picture doesn't accurately portray how steep it is.  Next time I go up it I'll try and get a better picture...I cried going up that hill too...c'est la vie!

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