Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crushing Foos

I haven't blogged in a while which is dissappointing, been over a week i think, im sorry.  I have not really been too busy just too lazy, and uncreative.  But heres a quick catchup on was really cold today so instead of suffering for like 4hours on a long ride i decided to get all my sufferin done in a quick painful 40 min cx race.  So I'm broke out the cx bike first time riding it since mid-october...oh yeah and i slammed the stem on that bitch, so awesome.
So I just did the jr race cuz I ddin't want to do not good so it was pretty fun, i felt pretty decent it was a cool and steve kendall crushed it and went 1-2, yeah i got 2.

Other exciting news continues I cut my steerer tube down so it looks more g and i popped it down a spacer, i really want to slam it BUT i might break my back, plus im switching bikes pretty soon anyway.

More awesome news (isn't this the best blog ever!!!!) last weekend I did some intervals on my TT bike.  I feel real good in the position trying to get rockin on it so I can crush in some tts next year.  Hopefully you cant read my powertap because it says 108 watts, infortunately this is during one of my intervals, it's hard to be me.

I'm sitting at my keyboard out of things to stay...stalling, stalling...YES, something just hit me.  I will share an anecdote, first follow the link to this picture, for full effect of the story:

The picture is from junior crit nationals this august.  The course was nothing too special, it was in a parking lot around angel stadium in LA kinda like RFK, made outta barriers.  I had vicious saddle sores coming off a week long stage race that were open raw and stinging so bad I didn't even really want to start.  I started anyway and rode through them for awhile.  On the third lap I got to the front and bridged to a break with a HotTubes kid and someother guy.  Eventually the group swelled up to 10, as seen in the picture, and we opened up a bigger and bigger gap, I started thinking we were gonna stay away, but too many guys thought that the move was def away and just wouldn't work that really pissed me off.  After about 10 laps out front we were brought back, I was pretty angry and after almost crashing I just dropped out, my sores ripped open.  IT was a pretty dissappointing nationals for me this year, with a shitty TT, that in the crit, and a RR where I just attacked the hell out of the race and got really nowhere on a dissaappointingly unselective course, and I easily missed the winning move, unfortunately thinking back the crit was probably my high point of nationals this year, oh well.  Good post, probably my longest one yet, if you read this account I am honored, hope it wasn't too boring.  This anecdote idea is kinda cool, I think.  Next time I want to blog but can't think of something I'm just gonna talk about race from before my blog.


Nick Mulder said...

dude how low are u on that bike.
if ur not that low you should def. move those bars together. def saves some watts.

cept at dutch nats i thot i was super fast with them close together and was ultra low and seriously i dont think i could do more than 300w. most pain in my entire life.

whats ur position like? im stayin with my trek just upgrading to 10 speed and zipp disc. im gona refit my tt bike 2mora and ill post some pics.

Nate Wilson said...

im pretty low on it, i had the bars a lot closer before, but then I tried them a bit farther apart cuz my knees were hitting my elbows and it feels a lot better. I'll post a picture of me on the bike in the next few days. I have the stem all the way down.

Thats sweet your staying on the trek they are beast. I had 9sp on my old TT bike and it was such a pain cuz everytime i trained on it I had to change the cassette on my powertap wheel, but i guess you dont have that problem mr. srm.