Tuesday, December 9, 2008


IT was pretty nice today but I didn't have time to ride outside, cuz the light runs out before I can finish my workout anyway...ahhh I hate school for this.  I would love it if instead of school from 8-3 I could have schoool from like 2pm-9pm, oh well this is senior year anyway so next year i'll have more time.  But I'm about to go get on the trainer to do some intervals, I'm not hurting yet but I know I will be so I thought just make this post before hand.  It's been so freaking cold lately but the next few days are supposed to be warmer then cold again, it's gonna be in the 40s this weekend i think so after some computrainer stuff on saturday ill hopefully get out for a long one on sunday.  Also the NCVC end of year party is on Saturday which is always kind of fun, who doesn't love free food and trophies!  Also, I leave for Tucson in 17 days...YES...it is 70 there right now, hate me.