Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tucson Day 1

So we got to Tucson at about 1am this morning, luckily I was able to sleep some on the plane there, which is weird because I usually can never sleep on planes.  After some extra sleep at the house, we headed out for a ride.  Today would've been our only day to do the shootout since we're only here for a week, but with the late flight it wasn't really feasible.  Steven Black who got here last night went to do it.  The ride today was pretty solid, we just rode pretty steady I got a good ~4hrs in, not really too hard, at the end I did a trip over Gate's Pass, just pretty ez which was nice, it always makes me happy to climb!...probably because I get to see people cry when I climb!  It was nice and sunny today but not to warm, it was in the 40's but the next week it's supposed to get up into the 70's.  Later in the week we're going to hit Kitt Peak and Madera Canyon and Mount Lemmon.  Also beast from the east and west Russ Brown is coming out to Tucson tomorrow so I'm gonna throw down withhim.  If anyone is out in Tucson or knows people that are in Tucson that want to do some good climbing and long rides then holla!...for realy cuz Kitt Peak and Madera Canyon are some pretty big rides and it wouldn't hurt to have a few more motors, about 5 Lances for example equal one me!  

Also, I took some cell phone pics on the ride today of just is just a random peak, the scenery around here is such a nice change for the eyes from the DC suburbs:
This picture is of this long straight flat road with just desert around, it was pretty beast, made me feel hard:
So yeah should be a good little block of training this week, see how it goes.  I'm starting to get pretty pumped for next season, Tradezone starts in like 6 weeks or something, hopefully by then I'll be on peak form.  I'm gonna come out all guns a flying and just lap the field like two or three times at the first Tradezone then just go into hibernation the rest of the season, satisfied with a good early season haul.  If you want to form a composite team to ride support for me at Tradezone #1 then email me at:

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