Monday, December 15, 2008

Stuff, Stuff and Boulder!!!!!

So, I've been up to basically the same old stuff training, school, and whatnot.  Sunday it was pretty nice and sunny, me and Blair got in a nice 5.5 hour ride on the Peters Rd. Loop (unofficial name, but should be official).  I felt pretty good but thats boring no one wants to hear about that, but if your courious average power was about 87 watts.  More interesting news, maybe?, is that next year I will be riding for Kelly/LSV.  This is a picture of me wearing some Kelly clothes:
I've been riding for NCVC ever since I started racing in 2003 but now I'm trying to be on the up and up and thought I'd mix it up a bit, so giving this a go for next year, I think it will go well.  More information as the season goes on, I guess.

As for the ride, that loop is awesome, once you get past like Gaithersburg, its like no cars and really sweet back roadds through farms and stuff.  You come out at the scenic Monocacy River, by Buckeystown:
Peters road is a cool gravel road with these two steep little climbs that are like something in tour of flanders or something, it is sweet, it was kinda wet yesterday so my bike got all muddy only non sweet part, but at least my sick fender caught some of it:
Scale of 1-10 how awesome is the fender, 10 being like really awesome?

Finally, some really good news just came my way as I have been accepted early admissions to University of Colorado I am really happy about that and basically for sure going to go there for Fall 2009!


RayMan said...

Congrads on your early admission.
See ya on the road.

Chuck Wagon said...

Congrats on getting in early. I got into school on 11/15 of my senior year and promptly blew off the entire rest of my senior year of HS, which made freshman year of college slightly more challenging than it should have been.

John Raley said...

Awesome News. I think you'll be;
A.) Happy and excel with Kelly or any team you choose to grace with your abilities.
B.) Extremely happy in CO in 2009
C.) Be on a developemental team before you know it

Greg said...

are you getting hooked up with a bunch of free bikes and stuff?

Congratulations on your college admission.