Sunday, December 21, 2008


Sooooooo...everything has been good, training is pretty solid I THINK?  Yesterday I got a nice 4 and a half hours in the WV mountains with some beast bikers.  My cannondale is currently in a box on the way to Tucson, AZ as it is much cheaper to ship fed-ex then to pay the rediculous bike fee on the plane.  So Sue let me borrow her back-up bike to ride until I go out to Tucson, it is the first road bike in 6 years of riding I have ever ridden besides my cannondale...except for turkey day a few years ago where my bike was broken and I rode my mom's women's specific ruby in the junior and then sue's ruby in the 1/2/3.  But here's the bike it's pretty sweet, its a 54 instead of a 56 but i just jacked up the post and it is sweet, so stiff and supple a ride, the ceramic seat post bearings are exquisite!
The ride was good we did an epic 30min climbing test at the end with some vicious switch backs, but before we could get down to bussiness Blair had to get a flat 7.5min into our ride...exciting!
Today I got out on the bike for about 2.5 hours I took this shot becuz it is g...and I don't have my powertap cuz the wheel is on the way to Tucson, not worries, I jsut rode steady today anyway so not missing much...woulda been just a strait line at 320w on the file anyway.

You may recall the title to this post was "training?".  Well that is because I've been thinking about my training schedule a lot.  I've come up with it mostly on my own and some of Sue's input, I'm worried I'm not training enough for next year, I really want to be on good form.  There are a lot of people out there that are much more knowledgable and have a lot more experience than me.  So I'm putting my schedule for this week Mon-Sun below and would really appreciate any feedback I can get:

Mon- 2hr on the bike (outside) zone 2, power=250w @ 110 rpm...then full body gym 3x20,               45min on bike (rollers) after power=220

Tues- 3.5hr with 3 sets of 10x 30s HARD/10s off rest between sets 6min @ power=280

Wed- 4.5-5 hr with 2sets of 5x5min tempo efforts power=360, rest 5min between efforts @             power=200 rest between sets 10min @ power=250

Thurs- 5-6hrs all zone 2, power=250-260...remember your competition is taking off so every            mile counts!!!!

Fri- Rest day...3hr on rollers power=230, core work

Sat- ~7hrs ride to Charlottesville, down skyline drive starting in The Plains power=250

Sun- ~7hrs ride back from Charlottesville, this time go thru Batesville, Wintergreen, Front             Royal...Sue picks me up in Gainesville power=250 but hit Wintergreen and 211 climbs             HARD

So this week is fairly big since I only have school Monday and Tuesday.  But I want to know am I doing enough volume (not enough/too much?) enough intensity, the right intensity whatever.  There's a lot of smart guys out there so give me some feedback, just post in the comments.  Thanks! and have a good holiday!


chip said...

Jesus Christ Nate a 3 hour ride on the rollers for a rest day. Take some time off and elavate the legs and chill for at least 1 day a week! Your body will NEVER be able to repair and rebuild and get stronger unless you RECOVER!
YOur volume seems High, but your young and have nothing to do but ride so tht's fine. But just take 1 day off and do one Easy ride on another day and work hard on the other 5 days. I know som other folks Sue coaches and they a F-ing burned out from all the stuff she has them doing with very little recovery. Good luck and have fun in AZ!

Kyle Jones said...

Damn dude. That is a lot of riding. I did 7 hours one time last year thats because I sucked so hard at reston century I had fat old guys beating me. Do not ride like me, and last year i would have rode that many miles. I am not sure pros do any of that intensity with all those hours. I would think they do either 30 hours realitively easy riding or short rides with intensity.

Also you are a tall dude. Your riding a 56, that seems small to me for you to be riding. I ride a 58.5 and I really need a 60 cm. I am 6'-1.75" and you look to be about 5-11 last time I saw you. Tell your dad I am sorry if you pressure him for a new bike. I would hate for him to photo shop bad things when he takes pictures of me in races.

Chuck Wagon said...

Training plan seems about perfect. The ceramic seatpost bearings clearly gave you a huge edge on Saturday. I ordered some yesterday. Thanks again. Have a good trip.

Robb said... need to add more volume. this plan won't get you anywhere.

Kyle Jones said...

I got pwned.

Avery Wilson said...

Everyone who took it seriously is ...

Are you kidding me? It's a joke.

Drew Armstrong said...

Nate, you're gonna need some louder techno in the follow car, I think. Time to get some 12"s for Blair's Saab.

John Raley said...

I agree with Drew....but I'd go with Break Beats. Much more Chunkie and give you that Nasty-Dirty-Evil ambition kinda ride that, well.....your heart simply does not contain. ;)

Have a blast in AZ.

I'll be freez'n dah nads in Fredneck...again, and again, and again....