Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tucson Day 2

Good day of riding today, it was sunny in Tucson.  I got a good 5hours in with a bit of intensity.  I did a pretty good FTP TT effort about 1.5 hrs in.  I'm thinking about talking more in depth about that, but it's really nothing special so I'm just gonna leave at that (cough cough...385w...cough).  Oh yeah it was so cool, today for a bit of the ride we rode with this guy that rode for Toyota United this past season...his name's Fred, and he can trackstand!
Once we got back to the house I headed out for a little more, did a quick run up Gates Pass and down the backside (steep side), I then came back up and did it hard up the steep side, got a good little effort in right der.  This picture is from like halfway down Gates looking out at the valley, pretty different from the epic Best Buy I pass everytime I do my favorite ride back home!
Tomorrow I'm doing a little shorter, but going to do some hill repeats on Gates cuz on Tuesday we're gonna do a big one out to Kitt Peak.  But otherwise all is good, just wanna give a quick shout out to my mom C-Wizzle, I miss you mommy!  


Kyle Jones said...

When I was 17 I did the Tuscon Bicycle classic and we used to do two laps around gates pass, like once was not enough times to do that. Great race but that pass I hated. But it has nothing on green mountain. I remember they said at Gates it was like 12-15 percent grade for a half mile.

John Raley said...

Always good to see your vacation is going well. It seems that "Fred" not only rode for Toyota United but seems to have acquird a pair of NCVC shorts....hmmmm.......interesting.

K-country said...

could you send some warm sunshine to Kelley Acres pleazzz. Happy New Year!

Happy Cyclist said...

Hey, what's this "C-whizzle" stuff?
Miss you too!