Thursday, December 11, 2008

GamJams Reviews: Trainers and Rollers - Rollers.

I'm definitely not a fan of training inside, as I think most people aren't except for a few guys I know that are like real hardcore and do it to keep all things constant and what not.  But when I do train inside I like to rock the rollers.  I've had a couple sets of rollers, first were a set I found in a trash can.  Surprisingly enough they served me well for two years, and would still be serving me if someone hadn't given me a pair of Kreitlers.  I now have Kreitler dyno-lyte rollers they are nice, slightly smaller drums then the standard version but not tiny.  They are good for doing z2 on much more than the trainer, because you use your core more to stabilize like your riding outside and it requires more focus.  Unfortunately I only use them for z2, with my junior gears (52x14) they don't have enough pressure to do intervals, in my 14 at ~100rpm it is about 220w, so maybe if I had adult gears I could do intervals on them.  But the bottom line is riding inside my first choice is always rollers of any kind, my kreitlers are great, and the trainer is really only for intervals, and even then I'd rather just get fat and give up bike racing, so thats my advice.  If you find yourself having to ride inside just give up bike racing.

Finally, I've heard e-motion rollers are awesome and I'm sure they are.  They capitalize on rollers being awesome and make them more so plus (I think) they have an adjustable mag unit so you can make pressure and do sick intervals.  I haven't gotten to try a set, I would love to own a set, but the 800 dollar price tag has deterred me.  If anyone has a set they are looking to give away for free, and/or less than ten dollars please email me @

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Kyle Jones said...

I had to sell some stuff inorder for me to buy my emotions. I will post on it later.